Business travel requires challenging optimizations

Business travel is not the same like leisure travel. And I am not talking about the fun and circumstances during the travel but about the challenges when searching and booking a trip.

Business people typically travel to appointments or events that start at a fixed time and often do not take more then a few hours. If your business partner or an event is not close by, travel time is often longer than the meeting time.

So, to not waste time and money, business travel requires you to optimize not only a single trip, you often try to combine more than one visit together in a combined business journey.

But even if your business travel just requires a simple trip to an appointment, searching and booking is time consuming and results are often poor in quality or too expensive. Why is that?

Business travel options are limited by the starting time of meetings

The heading might sound simple but in fact this is one of the hardest restrictions in business travel booking.

If we ignore multimodal door-to-door challenges and look at a simple flight booking, it already becomes clear what we are talking about if we look at an example:

  • You want to fly from London to Basel
  • your Meeting in Basel starts at 9:00 o’clock
  • you want to be back on the same day

If you look at available flights you´ll find out that there are no flights from London to Basel that would allow you to be on time for your meeting.

But if you look at the other airports around, you could perhaps fly from London to Zurich or Geneva and then use a train to Basel. But in the end, no combination works out, so you have to check if you have to travel the day before. This is possible, but wastes time and takes an overnight in a hotel…

This example can become much more complicated in detail, the essence is that fixed meetings times often ruin all business travel options.

Multimodal door-to-door

As even flight booking as the most trivial business travel challenge is complicated, you can imagine what it takes to combine all means of travel from your origin to your destination, optimized against your target date and time and of course optimized for the least cost and the least waste of time.

IF you have to do that manually you will spend at least hours and it is more then likely that the result will not be the optimium for none of the disciplines cost, time, distance or personal preferences.

Machine optimization – human decision

This is the reason for engines like 1ClickTrips that use clever machine algorithms and big data to search and combine all valid available options in seconds.

The resultset is build for manual refinement as only you as the traveler know about your final preferences.

The challenge and the solution are the combination of the best of machine algorithms and human brain decisions.

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