As freelancer you are a business travelers with special needs

As freelancer in the Consulting-, Engineering or IT-branch you are very likely to travel to customers onsite frequently. Even in times of increasing virtual working abilities there are plenty of opportunities and jobs that require physical presence onsite at customer locations.

As freelancer you are a solopreneur and customers are getting used to all-in-pricing, which means you have to pay for travel yourselves. At least this requires you to travel economically.

As travel itself as well as travel booking don´t add any value to your service from a customers perspective, it is up to you to minimize efforts and expenses for travel booking and travel.

As this is easier said then done we built 1ClickTrips, a multimodal door-to-door business travel engine that makes selfservice search and booking as easy as creating a calendar item in your favorite calendar.

Freelancer Requirements

You can read this Post: A Day in the life of a freelancer as an introduction.

If you apply for a new job on a freelance portal it is always worth to check travel cost before you sign the contract. This typically requires a lot of work as you have to

  • lookup the address of a potential employer
  • check how to get to the employer
  • find the best trip options to the employer
  • check if trip options are different for starting or ending weeks*
  • check availability and pricing of acceptable lodging near the employers location
  • and several things more if you go into detail

*depending on summer- or winter schedule for flights and depending on other seasonal or traffic related reasons the ideal trip can be e.g. quite different for a monday morning, where you probably want to be at the customer early in the morning…whereas you might prefer to return home on thursday night if possible.

Freelancer travel often requires recurring trips (the same trip for weeks for a limited time). So it would be a help to be able to search the same trips again, but with current data. And as there still might be slight changes, it would be good to be able to use a past trip like a template that can be edited.

If you work for more than one employer at the same time it is also great to be able to search and book combined trips in a single step, like e.g.:

Starting: From Home
Destination: Customer A
Appointment Start: 22.11.2015, 09:00
Appointment End: 23.11.2015, 12:00
Destination: Customer B
Appointment Start: 23.11.2015, 15:00
Appointment End: 24.11.2015, 17:00
Back Home: Earliest

There are many more things that freelancers enjoy when using 1ClickTrips and we are happy to hear your ideas.

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