The meeting organizer is the best travel organizer

With 1ClickTrips the meeting organizer becomes the best travel organizer for all meeting participants with almost no additional effort.

We made it a 1click action for you to become the best travel organizer. And with a single click, you create an enormous timesaver for all traveling participants.

How it works

How to schedule a meeting

When you as a meeting organizer schedule a meeting in your favorite calendar application. e.g. MS Outlook or Google Calendar, you look up the schedule and the meeting location first, then you add all invited particants and send out an invitation.

Nothing special with that. What can happen at this stage is that you don´t know for sure where the meeting will take place in detail and perhaps your agenda is not rock solid at that point.

But your calendar app allows you to keep your participants in the loop whenever you change anything to the meeting item.

How to become the travel organizer for your participants

You already entered the meeting details including the location in your meeting item in your calendar, so almost all data for a 1ClickTrips search are already there.

Our Add-In for Outlook or Google Calendar lets you just add a 1ClickTrips-Button into your meeting invitation with a single click. That´s it.

How it works for your attendees

As you send out invitations with a 1ClickTrips-Button included, each recipient can click on this button and enter the origin where he plans to start from. All other data is already prefilled from the meeting data.

This means that you are no longer sending out generic ‘where to find us’ links but you offer completely personalized and multimodal door-to-door itineraries for any participant.

Advanced travel organizer features

Being the travel organizer means to be able to be in control. If you want that.

If you use the advanced settings of our 1ClickTrips-Calendar Add-Ins you can configure the behaviour of the link for each participant. By this you keep full control over all itineraries and bookings:

You can keep track of

  • who clicked the button
  • who booked a trip
  • who covers the booking payments (Participant or Meeting organizer)
  • who is going to travel with an ontime schedule of 1ClickTrips

All this helps you and the traveling participants to handle changes in the meeting schedule or problems with travel schedules with ease.

And it helps you and your company to keep full track of all travel expenses that run on your own or your companies account.

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