Door-to-door travel with multimodal itineraries

Door-to-door travel booking has become a popular buzzword in the travel industry in the past years.
In theory the meaning is easy to understand, but practice shows that marketing takes its freedom to use the word even if service implementations do not fulfil the expectations.

What can you expect from door-to-door travel

Simply speaking, we assume that door-to-door means that as well the origin as the destination represent an address, where the journey starts (e.g. at home, at my office, from where I am at the moment etc.) and where the traveler is supposed to arrive (e.g. a meeting place, a customers office, a place to stay overnight etc.).

From a travelers perspective, door-to-door is not enough as the traveler expects to be able to travel from somewhere to somewhere (not limited to a certain region) with any means of transport that is required to bring him from door-to-door (which ist called multimodal).

And it is even more complex in practice: If a trip requires an overnight stay to be able to attend a meeting at a certain place at a certain time, the door-to-door multimodal itinerary must contain overnight options as well (and this means: the travel destination is interrupted by one or more “via” destinations).

Still, we are not at the end as a traveler might want to return to the origin, or might succeed to one or more other destinations and needs to add multiple door-to-door multimodal itineraries in a sequence.
You also never know if the travel will get back to the origin at the end of a travel sequence (closed trip) or not (open trip).

With this rough overview the only insight that can be claimed for sure is that door-to-door means an itinerary that starts where you really start and ends at the address where you have to be.

What do you get from most door-to-door travel services

Depending on the service you can find various ‘shortcuts’ to true door-to-door multimodal travel. Here are the most popular ones:
– services covering only a certain geografical area (e.g. Germany only)
– services covering only specific means of transport (e.g. train)
– services that only allow origins and destinations like airports, train stations etc. instead of true addresses
– services that do not create optimized door-to-door multimodal itineraries but only offer the manual combination of various means of transport and lodging.

What you get from us

Well, we deliver multimodal door-to-door like describes in the paragraph ‘What can you expect from door-to-door travel’. But we deliver even more to cover the real needs of business travelers:
– We ease dataentry for origin and destination. Enter an address, company or location names, events or meeting spaces and we know the real addresses.
– We are able to plan forward and backward form given dates and times (which is incredible!)
– We allow you to manually finetune machine optimized itineraries to personalize your results

So, we hope you enjoy our services more than any other.

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