Standard Reports deliver ad hoc insights for travel managers

Ad hoc transparency is the core topic of our standard reports that we provide out of the box and in a variety of online or print output formats, like pdf, excel, word, csv, xml oder html.

Standard reports are available on personal, team, department or company level so that you can easily report the level you like to the people you need to inform.

As even our standard reports support flexible filtering and pivoting of data, so you don´t need seperate reports just because you want to see comparisons between different means of transport, different types of expenses, aggregations, grouping or different levels of reporting.

Still, if you report a certain filter set repetitively you can of course save your filter and put it on your favorites list, e.g.

  • travel and expense comparisons
  • transportation comparisons
  • hotel and lodging comparisons
  • geografical anyalsis
  • travel reasons and cost
  • and several more..

Compared to dashboards, standard reports focus on detailed text and numbers information instead of stunning visuals on aggregated data.

Standard reports help you to report structured data in document formats and of course to feed other systems with valuable information for process automation.

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