Our unique business travel technology is made for you

Everything we built was made for you. Business travelers have special needs and often completely different travel requirements and restrictions than private travelers.

Our unique business travel technology is designed to fully integrate with your daily buiness needs when searching, booking and managing travel for either yourself or for your team, department or company.

What is different?
As business traveler you rarely want to travel. You don´t enjoy wasting your time on the road. You simply travel because your can´t avoid travel to get to a customer meeting.

Travel efforts and expenses are that things that drive cost, ruin efficiency and do not provide any value to your business. The value is created by being at the meeting, communicating with people and by closing deals due to that.

Business travel technology has to help to focus on meetings, events and deals and has to minimize effort and cost for travel and travel management.

Our technology was built to reduce the overhead for travel search, travel booking and travel management.

How are you affected by this
We engineered our solution to be available whereever you need it. In the web, mobile, in your calendar and in your business solutions where it makes sense.

We are working ongoing on making it easy for you to avoid entering data where the context already delivers relevant data, e.g.

  • if you schedule a meeting in outlook, you already entered the meeting date and time, meeting location and participants – so we are able to deliver personalized trips for any participant by just asking the starting point form an invited person.
  • if you enter data in our web search form, you can simply enter company names, public locations etc. and we know the addresses aöready..no more need to look them up
  • if you are in your CRM system at a contact we know the destination location for a trip already

..and of course there are many more things that ease your life.

Even more important: You don´t have to iterate through dozens of portals to find out

  • how you can from home to the next trainstation or
  • at which airport you could get the best flight or
  • if there is a connection train after the flight or
  • if you are able to make it to the meeting on time if your train arrives at 08:34 or
  • if it would be better to take a rental car or
  • which hotels are around your meeting destination or
  • …..

You simply enter your appointment data. The rest is done by our clever algorithms the combine 10000s of options per trip to your perfect itinerary.

As we improve our services ongoing we are using artcifical intelligence algorithms what works good for most people and if your preferences are likely to benefit from others experiences and favored decisions.

Sounds good? Try it out.

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