We work with leading travel providers

Our service is based on data from leading travel providers and publicly available data from open sources. We use Data from SabreSkyscanner, Google ITA-Software, Rome2Rio, OpenStreetmap, Expedia and many more to find and combine the best itinerary options for your ideal trip.

Whenever our technology stack acquires data from these datasources they charge transaction fees as the run huge infrastructures and incredible services to provide current data.

Even though we optimized our requests for minimum external data consumption and get data from free public sources wherever it makes sense we still have to run several transactions to get the relevant data. And this means that each request you make costs us some money.

As we have to not only pay direct transaction fees but datacenter operations cost and of course our staff as well as development, we charge fair fees for our services and give you transparent billing.

Event though we have to charge our fees, the overall cost for all tickets is very likely to be cheaper than you could get them on your own. This is due to our contracts with leading booking providers.

We compare diverse sources for you to find the best possible trip, ticketprovider and discount to deliver the best possible value for you as a customer and for us as a serviceprovider.

Our pricing model is ongoing under development and we work with our business customers to find the most appropriate combinations for our target groups.

Any comments are welcome.

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