Business travel analytics (working on it..)

Business travel management is almost impossible without good business travel analytics.

Even if you are a single business traveler you gain a lot of insights when using business travel analytics to look at your own statistics dashboard once in a while.

Once you manage business travel for a team, a department or even the whole company you are probably either lost or very busy to keep things in order if you are not supported by any business travel analytics service. Or an agency that does the job for you.

Our analytics approached is based on three pillars of analytical features:

  • Standard reporting
  • Dashbaords
  • Enduser BI

Standard reporting covers ready to to run reports which can be used online or can be distributed as Links to PDF or Excel-Sheets to other people. Standard reports are provided ‘as is’ but can be branded to your needs.

Dashboards are cute ready to run pages (or branded ones) that show data aggregations in easy to read form to give you ad hoc insights on your own, your teams or your companies travel and expense behaviour, depending on your user role.

Finally, Enduser BI services are the cream topping on your analytics services as it allows you to interactively navigate, slice and dice your data according to your needs, either based on ready to run analytics pivots and charts or on branded ones.

Business travel analytics will be provided together with business subscriptions.

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