Door-to-door travel booking ready to go

Booking a complete trip is actually what most travelers want to do once they have chosen and refined their itinerary to their needs.

Door-to-door travel booking means booking a multimodal trip covering the whole way from your chosen starting point (e.g. Home, Office, current Location) to the location of your next meeting, event or appointment including several means of transport (like public transport, taxi, car, rental car, flight, UBER etc.) and hotel or apartments does not only mean that you want to get your tickets and reservations, you also want to have all relevant documents included in your itinerary.

And you you want to have everything with you on the go for sure:

  • your itinerary
  • your tickets
  • your invoice
  • your calendar item
  • relevant documents

With 1Clicktrips 1.0, we deliver a smart engine to make your daily business trip planning easy, convenient and effortless. You just enter your appointments, and

  • we calculate your time needed upfront and afterwards
  • deliver the most relevant itineraries, that are REALLY possible to get on time to your appointment
  • let you just enter 1 or many appointments and we connect them with the relevant trips in between
  • we optimize for best overall trip time (least waste of time before and after a meeting)
  • We optimize for overall trip cost and travel convenience
  • and a lot more

BUT: you can´t do integrated booking for we must offer booking links to other platforms to let you book the single transports or hotels there.

If you´re disappointed at this time, you can still benefit from all other things that we do to make our liefe easier – and you must probably stay tuned until 1ClickTrips 2.0 (planned for 12/2017), where we intend to deliver everything that is possible today, including booking without leaving our platform or apps.

And we improve the services for you ongoing to integrate all digital services that can be accessed online:

You can search from Integrations with your favorite client apps on your favorite devices, refine machine optimized itineraries to your personal needs and do the whole door-to-door travel booking (or parts of it) from a single booking page.

Once you booked your trip, everything is available where you want to use it. And your travel expense management is already done in your personal dashboard once you`re logged in.

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