The travel search engine. Multimodal door-to-door itineraries.

Searching for the best itinerary can be a burden without a travel search engine that delivers multimodal door-to-door itineraries. Actually we started to develop our travel search engine because we wasted tons of time and money with travel booking ourselves. And neither serviceproviders nor agencies have been an answer to our needs as we wanted to be independent self bookers.

The goal was to built the best travel search engine for multimodal door-to-door itineraries, ready to book and go and we think that these are some highlights from a users perspective:

  • You don´t need to look up an address in your CRM or on google maps first
  • No need to route the trip on google maps or bin first to look up the destination
  • If you enter a company or location name or an event, we know the address
  • no more iterations through dozens of portals to combine car, train, flight and hotel
  • be sure to get really the cheapest, fastest or most convenient trip
  • never woory about travel timing. Just enter your appointment date and time

How we did it – more advanced stuff for curious travelers

So we built our service from scratch for self booking business travelers.

We analyzed how the average business traveler searches manually to get an acceptable itinerary for his next meeting, appointment or event.

Then we developed clever algorithms to allow a single search to assemble a machine optimized resultset from a huge set of dataproviders to

  • ease the search process as much as possible
  • deliver complete multimodal itinerary alternatives
  • enable users to personalize machine optimized itineraries
  • optimize whole trips backwards from meeting times
  • optimize whole trips forwards from starting times

In detail, the complexity in the algorithms as well as in handling 10.000s of requests and answers per trip search in an acceptable time at acceptable cost is a general challenge.

Asides the technical assembly of algorithms optimized trips that compare in the same way like humans do, only much better.

The challenge and an ongoing topic are of course filter algorithms to optimize the output for the users and to only display results that really make sense.

Today, we believe that less is more so we deliver only the best alternatives in means of time, cost and comfort. But as we listen to our customers very carefully, we optimize and refine everything according to your feedback.

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