Travel agency in a box. Travel booking on Apple TV format.

One of the coolest business travel solutions in the market is for sure our ‘Travel agency on a box’.

Installation and integration of a full digital self service business travel solution in an Apple TV format is unique – and we built especially for small and medium sized businesses to make it easy for you to decide in between ‘Cloud’, ‘OnPremise’ or ‘Hybrid’ operations.

Even if you trust cloud security, there are still a lot of IT and process integration scenarios that are done much easier inside your local network, e.g. connecting with your ERP-, HR-, Collaboration or Active-directory solution to integrate travel booking as a natural background process in your daily business.

Our ‘Travel agency in a box’ is a small piece of hardware that looks like an Apple TV box and installation can be done by everybody.

Just plug your network cable into the box, connect to your box through the browser and run the setup. After that, you have your full digital travel agency in a box running inside your corporate network, ready to connect to your business applications and processes.

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