Travel management with tight business process integration

Business travel is connected to a lot of processes and people in and outside your organization, so we are building ready-to-run solutions for seamless business process integration.

If you want to integrate our solutions with your own ones, we provide a solid API and SharePoint WebParts to make it easy for you to use our engine.

As travel booking is a collaborative process in most companies, our engine is built to work together with your solutions built on SharePoint and Office 365.

Here are some typical standard processes that are likely to require travel data:

  • travel request and approval application
  • expense management application
  • our Customer and field service application
  • our Customer Relationship Management

running on SharePoint.

To support expense management and controlling processes, we build our solutions to easily communicate and integrate with your favorite ERP (like SAP or MS Dynamics) solutions, but we did even more. Our apps cover processes like

  • automated travel expense management for individuals
  • team expense aggregation, budgetig and control
  • team assistant booking and controlling
  • alerts and intelligent savings advice

If you prefer your statistics in Power BI on Office 365, you can access our solution from your Dashboard to analyze and visualize your own or your companies data. But you can also build your own dashboards through Power BI.

Finally we create Extensions for Outlook and Google calendar to ease scheduling, booking and advanced meeting-organization management.

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