Company events and travel management are a great team

Company events and travel management are a great team to delight your clients and prospects with perfect itineraries and easy travel to your corporate event. You stay in full control over booking and payment conditions for invited people.

What is in for your customers

If you send your invitations through a calendar invitation you can add a 1ClickTrips-Button to allow the recipient to get his personal multimodal door-to-door itinerary in seconds.

A personalized itinerary together with a personalized invitation is more likely to convert then one with just an address or google map link in it.

For VIP guests you can even manage to take travel cost over on your account if the invited guest books a trip with 1ClickTrips.

What is in for you

A basic advantage for you is that you are able to deliver even more service and attention to your guests by sending out personalized travel plans (without any additional work for you).

For all guests that book their trip with 1ClickTrips you will know exactly when they are going to arrive and you are prepared to welcome them with parking reservations or personal attention.

For VIP guests or internal staff that has to travel to attend the event, you can control exactly who is paying for what and your expense reporting will show all trips connected with your event automatically.

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