The multi destination travel planner for business travelers

Multi destination travel probably sounds familiar for salespeople, fieldworkers, consultants or any business travelers that live their lifes on the road. Planning multi destination trips without a specialized search and combination engine results in hours of search and often poor, but too expensive results.

Multi destination can be almost any combination of origins, stops and destinations and in between, each trip can be multimodal and door-to-door to meetings, locations, events or just to have a day off in between.

The challenge for a multi destination travel planner is therefor that the travel search engine must look at each travel step as an individual one direction trip and optimize it for multimodal means of transport and plan from door-to-door.

So, as a user, you want to add one trip at a time and add as many other as you like or need to fulfill your mission.

The tricky thing in the backend of our trip search engine starts when we optimize your given multi destination travel to build a perfect itinerary.

How we optimize multidestination travel itineraries

First, we sequence the individual trip steps to build an itinerary that helps you

  • to safe as much travel time as possible
  • to reduce overnights wherever feasible
  • to optimize your trips to be ‘delay safe’ (e.g. train frequence 10 minutes)

Once our algorithms know the best combinations we optimize them for cost. It can be quite a difference in pricing

  • if you book two 1-way flights instead of a return trip.
  • if you fly from another airport nearby if your schedule allows
  • to start at another time if your schedule allows
  • to use stopovers if your schedule allows

After balancing everything out you get your machine optimized multidestination multimodal door-to-door alternatives optimized for time, cost and comfort.

Our incredible travel search engine delivers even complex trips within seconds up to some minutes – by saving you hours and days not only in the booking process, but also on the road.

Then it is up to you to choose and personalize your itinerary, book it and take it with you on the go.

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