Travel booking for self booking business travelers

Travel booking is a natural process once your itinerary is perfect. Book everything or parts of the trip in our checkout process like you are used from your favorite online shops.

We integrated the most important travel booking providers for you, to get the best alternatives and prices. But the main reason was to enable and support an integrated booking process for your convenience.

Advantages of integrated travel booking

If you book at us, we manage your tickets and reservations, your documents and your expense records for you.

1ClickTrips makes expense management a sidetask that does not hurt anymore as you can report expenses easily.

In case your company uses our SharePoint integrations for business travel management, you can even automate and integrate the expense reporting process.

The most important thing is probably the mobile comfort we built for you.

After a booking you automatically have all documents, tickets and reservations together on your mobile device. There is nothing else to do for you.

You don´t have to worry any more about collecting the papers. All current documents are always with you on your favorite device.

And in case you need information about past or upcoming trips, you can always look into your dashboard to find your history and statistics.

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