Travel to events made easy to attract more vistors

Travel to events or exhibitions can be seen from a visitors side or from the vendors side. We support scenarios and features for both parties to support and easy daily business travel scenarios as easy as it can be.

Travel to events and exhibitions

If you want to travel to events you rarely know the exact destination address. Often you don’t even know the exact dates of an event but you know that you need to attend for at least 1.5 days.

Even if you would know the exact start and enddate of a multiday event, like an exhibition, you don´t know the best time to travel to save time and money and still attend the event.

To ease travel booking to events you simply need to enter very few data and our clever search engine does the rest for you. An example is:

Origin: Home Office
Destination: Las Vegas Tech Expo
Duration: 2 days

There are some more optional options of course but with such data entry we are already able to provide you with perfect multimodal door-to-door itineraries.

And in case the event provider uses our services, too, you can even book the event tickets directly in the checkout.

Providing events and exhibitions

Lowering entry barriers for attendants is as important as an attractive offering.

We support event organizers and ticket vendors to easily integrate multimodal door-to-door itinerary planning and booking

  • into their own websites
  • into their ticket booking process
  • into their ticket booking confirmation mails

Additionally, we enable event organizer to enter their event data into our events database. With authorized events we are able to offer location based ticket sales to events.
This means that any traveler with a destination nearby the event location will get the chance to stumble ovver the event and book a ticket in our travel checkout.

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