Travel assistant or secretary and why we love them

I am a travel assistant, it is 7:45 am. I’m finally in my office. First priority: coffee! Everything else can wait until 8:00 am…

[Telephone ringing] “Mrs Maier???” Oh my…

“Where are you? Mr. Miller from Hansa just called – Appointment tomorrow at 9am in London.”
London? Okay, that will be a fast one. Booking a flight and I’m done with it.

“Oh, and by the way: the colleague from Düsseldorf is also coming with me. But he wants to start from home. And would like to take the train to our office… Ah, and please also schedule 1 hour at the airport, we have to go through the schedule for tomorrow before we leave. Before I forget it: Could you please book an aisle seat for my colleague – claustrophobia!
I’m leaving now, so if you need something: I’ll be available in the car for the next hour, then I’ll be in the meeting.

Oh, and the partners must be informed about our arrival times in two hours at latest. They must coordinate the schedule with the colleagues from Denmark.”

My coffee is coming to naught it seems… Booking a train ticket for the colleague from Düsseldorf. Is there any train available? Does he have a Bahn Card? How can I reach that guy? Private address? I have no idea… Oh no… There are two colleagues in Düsseldorf called Kunkel… Anyhow… The meeting will probably last until evening, so I should look for a hotel! Do we have any contingents? Best to call our colleagues in London…

The flights to London start at 5:30am. I cannot schedule one hour as buffer before, can I?? They should meet today in the evening! Actually the colleague from Düsseldorf should take a direct flight from Düsseldorf… That would be a lot cheaper… But… I was told otherwise. Okay, let’s book the hotel for today first.

“Hello, do you still have a free room for today in the evening? No??? A tradefair? No free rooms since weeks? We may as well expect the worst!”

I only have one hour left, my boss cannot be reached on his phone – probably dead zone – the colleagues from London already sent a mail and asked for the arrival times and every hotel is fully booked. Is it already time to go crazy? Aaaaaaaaaaa!

Ok, let’s try Trivago – 350 Euro per night – are they crazy??? – 150 Euro; whatever, we don’t have any alternative. Hopefully the customer pays for that….

[Telephone ringing] “Hello Mr. Wartner! The colleague from Düsseldorf must come here today, tomorrow we only have one option at 5:30 am… No, there is no other option… No, no option at all… Yes… I’m sorry, but you won’t get around working tonight… Of course, I can reserve the meeting room for you… By the way, do you have a new credit card? I cannot use the usual one for payment… Oh, since last week? … ” Dead zone.

The website will not expire within the next few minutes… I will check in the meantime. Maybe it’s cheaper there than on airberlin…

[Telephone ringing] “Yes, Mr. Wartner… Yes the connection was lost somehow. Could you give me the credit card number once more? … Security code? … Your full name? … Yes, also your second name please… Alright, I will book everything and put all documents and the schedule to your calendar.”

[Telephone ringing] “Mr. Kunkel? Thank you so much for calling me back. Do you have an appointment with Mr. Wartner in London tomorrow? … Great! You have to come to our office today already… Yes, it will be too early tomorrow in the morning and you still have a presentation to prepare… Alright, you want to start from your office. You have a train station somewhere close? … Okay, so you could take the underground line 3 … That should be Rhein-Rhur transport … Yes, I found it on Google… Yes, there is a direct connection to Stuttgart. I will send you a map of the tram connections and how to get to our office via mail right away.” Just have to figure out where to get that… “Yes, I will let you know everything and send you all required information.”

Hoo, time is running!

How can they get from the London airport to Hansa headquarters? Mh, let’s first check Google Maps and see if there is any underground or the like…

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