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Release Notes: 1ClickTrips 1.0 (1.10.2016)

Since our Public Beta launch a year ago, we reworked literally everything. This is version 1.0 and the feature pipeline seems to be even longer than a year ago 🙂

What you get with the current release (updated with each deployment) are the following features:

Overall Process

  • Step 1: You enter 1 or many appointments in a row and hit the “Search”-Button
  • Step 2: You select your preferred itinerary per appointment
  • Step 3: You get the full itinerary and book the services you like


The search screen makes it easy for you to enter valid appointments.

  • You can enter your appointment details.
  • You can enter company or location names and we know the exact address already.
  • We calculate the trip time between appointments for you.
  • We auto-connect itineraries if sensible.
  • We help you manage spare time in appointment series.
  • We help you manage your return trips.


The itinerary screen shows you machine optimized itineraries that ensure that you´ll be on time at your meeting under best conditions, optimized for total travel time, total cost and least waste of time upfront of meetings.

We get and compare data from many sources and digitally probably do a better job in seconds than you can do in multiple hours manually. Still, in the end, you take your favorite choice from the available resultset, that is delivered for each appointment.

In the itinerary screen, you can

  • choose 1 itinerary from the resultset per appointment
  • change appointment data
  • add or delete appointments
  • connect or disconnect appointments
  • add return flights or overnights

Depending on your changes, we guide you through relevant steps and optimize the trip again after evtl. changes.

Booking in Version 1.0

We would like to say, that we are finished with integrated booking. But in this release, you still have to jump to other platforms to do the booking.

This is not a disadvantage in pricing for you, but it is not as convenient as it should be and it does not allow us to manage tickets and expenses in release 1.0 .

Booking in release 2.0 (expected in late 2017

In the next month we are working hard to develop a fully integrated booking experience so that you can book the whole trip without leaving our site.

This is not only more convenient for you, it is the base for our upcoming integrated expense management and travel analytics.

What is next

More comfort

The next steps are dedicated to further improvements your user experience, starting with updates in the Webfrontend. But the most important updates will be made through upcoming integrations in Outlook, Google Calendar and a mobile app, that will support you on the go.


We will deliver a login area to allow you to specify your personal preferences, which will be applied as filters for the trip engine as well as support for more comfort in navigation and ctravel expense controlling.

There are tons of things to do…so stay tuned and give us feedback!
Your 1ClickTrips team.

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